Twinford is the town which Ruby Redfort lives in and the location where most of the stories take place. Ruby's best mate Clancy Crew also lives in Twinford. In the book "Pick Your Poison" it states that Twinford is in California.


Characters who live in Twinford include:

  • Clancy

  • Drusilla

  • The Lemons

    • Niles

    • Elaine

    • Archie

  • Del Lasco

  • Mouse Huxtable

  • Elliot Finch

  • Red and Sadie Monroe

  • Mr Parker

  • Mrs Beesman

  • Frederick Lutz

  • Mrs Attenburg

    It can also be assumed that a range of Spectrum employees (such as Blacker, Froghorn and LB)  and Junior High students (such as Vapona Begwell) also reside in Twinford.


Recreational FacilitiesEdit

Twinford has a large number of recreational facilities. Some notable ones are:

  • City Pool

  • City Library

  • Penny Books

  • City Museum

  • Ice Rink

  • Ten Pin

  • Back-Spin

Retail FacilitiesEdit

Stores and supermarkets include

  • Dime a Dozen

  • SmartMart

  • Melrose Dorff

  • Glenthorn’s Jewellers

  • Marty’s Minimart

  • Joe’s Supermart

  • Organic Universe

  • Little Seven Grocer’s

Hospitality Facilities Edit

Restaurants and cafes include:

  • Double Donut Diner

  • Sunny’s Diner

  • Cherry Cup

  • The Full-O-Beans Coffee Shop

  • Lucello’s Deli

  • Charles Burger

  • Blinky’s

There are also a couple of hotels including:

  • Hotel Circus Grande

  • Grand Twin Hotel

Parks Edit

Parks and squares located in Twinford include:

  • Chatter-Bird Square

  • Harker Square

  • Fountain Square

  • Twinford Square

  • Star Park

  • Central City Park

  • Clavel Square