Summary Edit

The Crocodile accident was engineered by Casey Morgan to murder Bradley Baker or to at least scare him. This incident involved LB, Hitch and, obviously, Casey and Bradley.

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Casey was extremely jealous of Bradley's almost super-star status as a Spectrum agent, so she plotted his demise for a mission at a waterfall. She sabotaged his raft so that he'd go over the waterfall and, if he survived the fall, would be eaten by crocodiles. Loveday Byrd (LB) managed to rescue Bradley but Hitch was bitten by a crocodile. At the time, he was 7 years old.

Aftermath Edit

The Junior program was suspended (Ruby Redfort is the only junior member) and Homer Pinkerton's memory device was used to replace all of the Junior members' memories with harmless memories (except for Bradley and Hitch - Hitch was too young). Loveday was recruited as Spectrum's very first female agent.

Casey, however, when she saw Bradley safe and sound, fled the scene and began to seek out the Count von Viscount to aid him in his undermining of Spectrum.