In Spectrum there is a Gadget room. Ruby enjoys going there quite often when she is alone. To get in there is a code. The code is the exact time, which Ruby notices because she sees Hitch looking at his watch and typing in a code.

Bradley Baker's Rescue WatchEdit

This belonged to the legendary Spectrum agent Bradley Baker. It is designed to look like a child's watch with cartoon eyes that follow the hands round.

In the first book, 'Look into my eyes', Ruby accidentally takes this watch from the spectrum gadget room and does not manage to successfully return it. However, Ruby uses it to escape from being buried alive by Count Von Viscount after using its laser feature to untie her hands and then swinging out of the window by using the abseiling function. At the end of the book, LB allows Ruby to keep the watch, but tells her to look after it as the watch 'belonged to a friend of hers'.

In 'Take your last breath', Spectrum have mended the faulty features of the watch but have neglected to fix the clasp, which keeps coming loose. This is what makes Ruby's prescence on the Sibling Islands known to Count von Viscount, as he sees the watch lying on the ground where it fell off her wrist. However, Ruby manages to retrieve it as the Count leaves it behind as a joke when he thinks she is dead.

In 'Catch your Death', we discover that the watch also has a lock breaking tool that Ruby uses to get into Ivan the zookeeper's house and Lorelei von Leyden's apartment. We also see her use a mirror concealed in the back of the watch that is on an extendable zig zag of metal to see inside a bush.

In the fourth book, 'Feel the fear', Ruby loses the watch when she rummages through a child's toy hamper, looking for the missing loyalty card from a crime scene. Ruby does not realise she has lost it until Hitch tells her that coded messages have been sent to him from Ruby's watch. Ruby fears that her watch has fallen into the hands of an enemy until LB explains that she probably lost the watch in the toy hamper and that therefore Nileston (the child the hamper belonged to) has most likely sent these messages by pressing random buttons.

In 'Pick your poison' Ruby has the gadget watch back and uses it for many different uses.


Limpet Lights AKA Hansel and Gretel Find-Your-Way-Home Trail GlowsEdit

Limpet lights are Spectrum gadgets that look like marbles. They are underwater phosphorescent lights used to make a trail and can look like normal sea life unless you know what they really are.

Ruby takes these from the Spectrum gadget room in the second book, 'Take your last breath', while she is stealing the Breathing Buckle and considers that the Limpet Lights might help her too as she is not very confident in the dark. She uses them at sea (when she and Clancy are investigating the Sibling Islands) to leave a trail back to the boat when she dives in.

It is unspecified if she manages to retrieve them, but it is unlikely that she does due to the violent currents around the Sibling Islands.

Ruby also uses ground glows which function with two trackers which you attach to the sole of your shoe or shoes. The gadget also comes with mint sized disks which once dropped onto the ground turn invisible until you walk over or near them, with the tracker on your shoe, will glow until you lift your foot off again.

Dog Whistle Voice ThrowerEdit

This gadget is a voice thrower cleverly disguised as a silver dog whistle. Where your voice appears to come from depends on which of the holes on the whistle you cover up. If you point the whistle up, then your voice is thrown above you.

In the first book, 'Look into my eyes', Ruby becomes interested in the whistle when she is attempting to return the escape watch to the Spectrum gadget room. After experimenting with the whistle, she realises that it is a voice thrower. She is nearly caught when she calls 'I'm over here' but has to leave before she can return any of her stolen gadgets.

However, the whistle is useful when Clancy has been caught by Valerie Capaldi. Ruby directs her voice behind her, and when Capaldi turns to see who is there, Hitch attacks her.

The whistle has not yet been used in any other books.

Breathing BuckleEdit

The breathing buckle is a Spectrum gadget for use in the sea. It can be kept on your belt and if you place it between your teeth you can breathe comfortably for 27 minutes and 2 seconds, but there is no reserve air canister.

In 'Take your last breath', Ruby deliberately steals this gadget from the Spectrum gadget room because she cannot hold her breath for longer than a 61 seconds. When she took the buckle to the Sibling islands, she accidentally leaves her belt on the boat. Luckily, Clancy takes the belt with him when he enters the island and when the Sea Whisperer drags Ruby into its pool, Clancy throws her the breathing buckle, saving her life.

Anti-Sting SerumEdit

Every diver has one of these. If you are stung you can quickly drink it to save your life. It is a canister hung on the zip of a suit and it is bright orange with a fly. Each canister has only one dose.

spy clipEdit

was used to communicate to hitch and allowed Hitch to track dow

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