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This wiki is about the Ruby Redfort series written by Lauren Child, which were first introduced in her best-selling series Clarice Bean. So far there are five books (Look into my Eyes, Take your Last Breath, Catch your Death, Feel the Fear and Pick your Poison) but it has been announced on the Official Ruby Redfort Website that there will be approximately six books in total, depending on the situation. Each book features a sense themed code that Ruby has to solve - the first book is based on sight, the second hearing, the third smell, the forth touch and the fifth taste.


Ruby Redfort may look like your normal thirteen-year-old and live a pretty laid-back life in Twinford, but she isn't your average kid. She's "every smart kid's smart kid" (from Look into my Eyes), child prodigy and daughter of not-so-bright yet lovable millionare socialites, Brant Redfort and his wife Sabina Redfort. But nothing will ever stay ordinary for Ruby Redfort when all the sudden, a top-secret agency, Spectrum, requests her to be their ace code-cracker (and in exchange, a butler for her every need). The series follows on this code master and child investigator's adventures as she decodes impossible codes, solves crimes and kick criminal butt while struggling to balance academic life, friendship and family in her daily schedule; with the help of an ever-loyal bestie and one hell of a secret agent butler.   

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The third book, Ruby Redfort, Catch Your Death

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Ruby Redfort Trailer

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