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Ruby Redfort, Take Your Last Breath is the second volume in the Ruby Redfort series.

Synopsis Edit

The first half of the prologue begins with a young Ruby leaning over the edge of a boat. She can feel the ocean whispering to her, almost like it was telling her a secret. She falls into the ocean, slipping into the water peacefully. There are fish all around her, and for a second, everything is peaceful. Then the fish disappear and she is left alone, except for the big octopus that is underneath her. It wraps it's arm around her leg and she is pulled down. She is running our of air and her bubbles are getting smaller. Suddenly, she is pulled up and onto the deck of the boat. She smiles up at her parents, and she hears the screech of seagulls.

The second half of the prologue begins with the same young girl sitting in her kitchen eating breakfast. As she's reading the cereal box she notices that the word search is a code. It took her five days, but she finally figured it out. It said to cut the coupon out on the side of the box and mail it out to win a lifetime supply of the cereal.She filled out the coupon and asked her dad to mail it. He forgot. Ruby finds the envelope when she is much older, around 13, while she was looking for a pack of bubble gum. She brings it up to her room and stashes it in her door frame. 'It's a shame.' she thinks. 'Choco Puffles are my favorite cereal.'

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