Ruby Redfort's Rules:

Rule 1: You can never be completely sure what might happen next

Rule 2: If you want to keep something secret, don't leave it lying around

Rule 3: People so often don't see what's in front of their eyes

Rule 4: If in doubt, say nothing

Rule 5: There is more to learn than you can even know

Rule 6: Never have a friend who would sell you out

Rule 7: Never forget the little things - it's the little things that will lead people to notice the big things

Rule 8: Don't let your imagination run away with you or you might well lose the plot

Rule 9: There is always a chance that someone somewhere is watching you

Rule 10: Never reveal your hand to a psychopath

Rule 11: Expect the unexpected and be ready for anything

Rule 12: Adjust your thinking and your chances improve

Rule 13: There is more to most things than meets the eye

Rule 14: Very often people neglect to tell the most important detail

Rule 15: Just because they have a pretty face doesn't mean they are made of candy

Rule 16: Even the mundane can tell a story

Rule 17: Always check the evidence before jumping to conclusions

Rule 18: People often miss the downright obvious

Rule 19: Panic will freeze your brain

Rule 20: Ninety percent of survival is about believing you will survive

Rule 21: Don't think back; don't think ahead; just think now

Rule 22: If you think you might talk yourself into a trap, keep your trap shut

Rule 24: Stay alive long enough to figure out your next move

Rule 26: Never kid a kidder

Rule 28: It doesn't matter if it's hard to believe. If there's no other explanation it's gotta be true

Rule 29: Just because a lion says it's a mouse, don't make it a mouse

Rule 32: Tell one lie and get ready to tell a whole lot more

Rule 33: More often than not, there is always a very ordinary explanation for the 'extraordinary' happening

Rule 34: You never know when something is going to come in handy

Rule 36: Always come up with Plan B before you have embarked on Plan A

Rule 40: If you ain't breathing, you ain't surviving

Rule 42: Don't waste your time arguing with someone who won't in a million years change their mind

Rule 43: If you've got the advantage- make sure you keep it

Rule 44: When in a tight spot, buy yourself some time: one minute could change your fate

Rule 45: Never stop challenging small-mindedness

Rule 47: Never lie to someone who is likely to see right through you

Rule 48: Don't get distracted, focus on what you got to focus on

Rule 51: When you don't trust the other players, always play your cards close to your chest

Rule 52: You can miss a lot in the blink of an eye

Rule 53: If something is worth knowing, chances are it's written down somewhere

Rule 62: Sometimes all the answers you are looking for are under your own nose

Rule 65: People believe what they want to believe

Rule 66: Sometimes not thinking about a problem is the best way to find the solution

Rule 71: When in doubt think the obvious

Rule 73: Sometimes you just have to work with what you've got

Rule 79: What to do if you meet a bear- wish you hadn't

Rule 80: Don't stand on a window edge unless you know if it opens inwards or outwards

Rule 81: Sometimes the best way to think about a problem is not to think about it

Not all rules were mentioned in the books, but if you know one that is not listed please feel free to add it.