Ruby and Clancy use a special code called a Vigenere Cipher. They leave each other codes in the knot of an old oak on Amster. The books give you clues to the keyword of the codes, and here they are:

Look Into My Eyes clue: It appears in the name of Ruby's favourite Diner. It only appears *ONCE* but it means 

  • TWICE*. Pages with code (book1) page 38 and page 70.

Take Your Last Breath clue: It swims in the sea, but it's not a fish. It was once on the surface, but now it's on the bottom...

Catch Your Death clue: This royal personage's suggestion for survival was to let them eat cake.

Feel the Fear Clue: This is something you might do to a pesky fly.

If you cannot work out the keywords, here they are (I worked them out myself :-))

Look Into My Eyes: Double

Take Your Last Breath: Sea Horse

Catch Your Death: Marie Antoinette

Feel The Fear: Swat

Pick Your Poison: pooooop

If you want to crack the code from the book, go to or to find out how to create your own version, go to