Lorelei von Leyden is an antagonist in the Ruby Redfort series, but she is not featured until the third book, where she attempts to steal scent of the Blue Alaskan Wolf. For the way it attracts people, she will do anything, even kill, for the scent of the Blue Alaskan Wolf. She is distinguished by her scent of Turkish delight, which was a special perfume created for her by the French perfumer Madame Swann, while Lorelei worked for her.

Family Life Edit

Lorelei von Leyden is the daughter of the Australian. The Australian was an actor who worked on set with the Count, who made their costumes. The father of Lorelei was George Katz, a married man who had had an affair with Marnie Novak (The Australian). There was speculation with the Count, because it was believed to be his baby. Katz was very influential in the film and telvision world, so this baby drama was kept very 'hush hush'. Lorelei's mothers acting career was ruined because no one wanted to hire the pregnant woman. Novac spends th rest of Lorelei's childhood regrteting having her. This is part of Lorelei's tragic backstory, which helped lead her to her life of crime.

Disguising Talent Edit

She also has an incredible talent for disguise, as is shown when she takes on the appearance of a young girl that works at a bike shop, a girl that works at the Ping Pong cafe, Ruby Redfort and criminal Valerie Capaldi. We learn in 'Blink and You die' that she learns this skill from The Count.

Possible death Edit

In the plane fight scene during Blink And You Die, she allows Ruby to leave the plane, and she does. However, the plane crashes and it's unknown whether one of two events occurred:

a) Lorelei was in the plane when it crashed, meaning she died along with the pilot.

b) She was the person who parachuted out of the plane; but this is debatable because both Hitch and Marnie needed to have escaped the plane but only one person parachuted out (from what the reader is told). She does not show up anywhere else in this book, so if this is the event that did occur then she's probably either hiding or hunting down the Count.

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