Count von Viscount
is the main villain in the Ruby Redfort series. He used to be a filmmaker, but the critics trashed his films, so he abandoned the job and became a much more successful criminal. His crimes are usually very theatrical and dramatic, like some old B movie, which is a nod to his past as a movie director.

Ruby is the only Spectrum agent (other than Bradley Baker) that has seen The Count, and been able to tell the tale. The Count is believed to be the mastermind behind the 4 crimes throughout the books. He is the ringmaster of Hogtrotter, Baby Face Marshall, Lorelei Von Leydon, Valerie Capaldi and possibly the Lady in the floral dress (Lorelei's mother).

Spectrum says "you know it's the count when he's dangling you over a bubbling volcano instead of dropping you right in".

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