Clarice Bean is the main character of the Clarice Bean book series written by Lauren Child. It is in her series where Ruby Redfort is first introduced as her favorite book character. In that series, the books are authored by a fictional author known as Patricia F. Maplin Stacy. “

Here is an excerprt from the Clarice Bean Wikipedia page about the references to Ruby Redfort:

“An important plot device is the “Ruby Redfort collection”, a series of fictional books in which Clarice and Betty frequently find inspiration. Ruby’s catch phrase is “You better believe it, Buster.” There are nine books in the series:

  • There Was a Girl Called Ruby
  • Run For It
  • Ruby Where in the World Are You Ruby Redfort?
  • R U 4 REAL, Ruby Redfort?
  • Run Ruby Run
  • Who Will Rescue Ruby Redfort?
  • Ruby Redfort Saves the Day
  • Ruby Redfort Rules
  • Rush to Russia Ruby

The fictional author is Patricia F Maplin Stacey, whom Betty once meets in Russia (she gets a Ruby Redfort book signed). In another book, Clarice gets to be in a movie starring “Skyler Summer” as Ruby Redfort”